Posted in November 2011

New Ramblings I Jotted Down

Here’s some ramblings I had to jot down.  Hopefully I’ll have the urge to actually turn these notes into an actual story eventually… Any thoughts would be appreciated. ————————————————————————————————————————– Sarah suspects she might be pregnant, but she’s supposed to go out with her friend for her friend’s birthday.  She confesses her suspicion to her friend … Continue reading

I am in love with hope.

For a long time now, I have thought that a part of myself was dead.  It was my belief that this this part of myself, this characteristic that made me who I was, had been taken from me through a series of unfortunate events in my life and would never be restored. It seemed I … Continue reading

I equals Tired.

As far as content goes, I am way too tired to say anything of interest currently.  I would say this is a new venture for me, but that would not be entirely true.  I did dabble in the e/n scene back in the year 2000, so some might say I should know what I’m doing. … Continue reading