Posted in December 2011

What is “Love”?

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today: “LOVE….. I am really trying to understand LOVE. I would sincerely appreciate YOUR best definition of LOVE. Not in the divine or world-view sense… But the romantic love of one person for another person. I admit that I am not good at this at all! I … Continue reading

All Mixed Up

I’m just a mess of emotions tonight.  Logically, I think I’m just insanely hormonal.  I’m not sure if it’s PMS or if it’s the birth control pills (or possibly both), but it sucks.  I really, really, really hate being  on the pill.  The side effects drive me crazy.   The WORST side effect is that … Continue reading

I fail.

No, really.  I’m failing.  Two classes… my only two classes.  I somehow managed to not do any work the entire second half of the semester.  I think I’m just burnt out.  I am so looking forward to starting my new job!  No more homework!  Ugh.  I hate homework.  I would do so much better if … Continue reading