What is “Love”?

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today:

“LOVE….. I am really trying to understand LOVE. I would sincerely appreciate YOUR best definition of LOVE. Not in the divine or world-view sense… But the romantic love of one person for another person. I admit that I am not good at this at all! I don’t understand it. And marriage… THAT I don’t understand at all. I just know I’ll never do it again. But love, yes! I would love to be in love again. Please help me Understand LOVE, my FB friends!”

My answer was:

Finding that person that is your partner in life, that you are willing to work through the hard times to stay with. That person that even when the “in love” wears off, you do still want to be around them (most of the time ūüėČ ) and if the going gets rough, the person you are willing to fight for.


Other answers:

-“Women: a point in time when a person manages to combine physical and mental fascination. These two combine into a form of obsession, making it feel like you cannot be without this person.

Men: she’ll let me do it anytime I want(idiot).”

-”¬†Love cannot be touched, bought, sold, traded, seen and has absolutely nothing to do with sex or sexual preference it can only be felt in the heart…. Romance is our responded to those feelings…..
Marriage is the realization that everyone at sometime in life is gonna hurt you and finding the one person worth putting up with the pain….”

-”¬†Being so excited about someone that they are the first person you want to share your news with, share experiences with, be with at the end of the day to snuggle up with. Love makes¬†me feel light as air, happy, confident, and that life is exhilarating. It also means being totally yourself with someone, and knowing that they are always there for you, even when you’re sick, or in a bad mood, or when shit happens. Mutual care and support, companionship, and yes – physical intimacy and affection.”

-”¬†Both parties typically are willing to sacrifice all things for each other, but at the same time, never want the other to “change” who they are(Common misconception; asking to change an aspect of something is not asking for people to change them selves, its a shift in possibly a better direction, try, quit being stubborn). I have learned over the years of courting my wife that change is inevitable, denying change is just dumb, lol. However, the change cannot be forced, if its forced, its control, not love. REAL Love to me, is utter bliss, for both parties, and you can tell when the other is not feeling the same. Beth you are not wrong saying that it is a person you want to share your experiences(etc..) with, My wife is the only person i want to WAKE UP to in the morning. I never want to see another woman beside me. Our combined interests have lead to CONSTANT “first times” for both of us. ITs AN ADVENTURE! A CHALLENGE! Over come the falsifications thrown at you and you will see.”


Anyone care to share their definition of what “love” is? ¬†I equals Curious.


One thought on “What is “Love”?

  1. Here’s some more:

    -“Psh, that’s an easy one. Love is making a conscious and constant effort to better understand someone, an unconscious decision to never judge them, and caring deeply for that peron’s well being. It has nothing to do with sex or even romance, despite the fact that most people believe they come as a bundle package. They are three entirely separate things. Love is a feeling, romance is a concept, and sex is a process. ”

    -“I think true love, not the cliche type, is extremely rare but it does exist. Its really unconditional, if you feel love for someone or something you almost sacrifice your own feelings but sacrifice without regret. I think love can often be mistaken for lust, especially between individuals, if once you say you love someone or something and your feelings die down then its not love it was lust. When you have true love it doesn’t matter where the person goes or what happens to a person or a thing, you’re feelings stay the same, if not stronger. Love fills your body and mind and is constant if its true! I always wonder if love between two people other than parents and children really exists. I feel like so many people lie about love and loving just to make themselves feel better, too many people tell someone they love them just to see it put a smile on the persons face which is ultimately selfish and love is not selfish. Love is forgiving, understanding and warming.”

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