The crib is finally up.  And it was one heck of a day!  I honestly feel like I can barely move at this point.  We cleaned out and then rearranged the bedroom so we could fit it in here…  It seems so much more real now that we’re going to have a crying, pooping, wiggly, red faced little bundle of joy soon.  What in the world did we do?! lol  I’m still not ready.

My stomach is HUGE!  I was a little concerned when I got out of the shower tonight that I would be the first pregnant woman who’s stomach actually exploded from stretching too far. I don’t know how it could possibly get any bigger in the next two months!

I had an interview this morning for a possible job blogging on a site for expectant/new mothers.  I think it went well, besides my video not working correctly on Skype.  I called my mom right afterwards and shortly after we connected on Skype I was able to figure out the problem.  My webcam wasn’t setup correctly.

Anyway, I am completely exhausted.  I still have some sample writing to work on for another job I submitted a proposal for.  I really hope this freelance writing and my store work out, so maybe I can stay at home with the kids…  Maybe I’ll look into becoming a notary as well.  My mom seems to get quite a few jobs doing that…

I equals Exhausted.

7 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. YOU can start making money with your own blog to help expectant mothers! You can also find money making gigs on elance and odesk. There are tons of people online who will pay you to write for them!
    Good Luck, Sweetie!

      • That’s awesome! I started by writing for people on oDesk, then started cultivating my own writing clients, and it just kept getting better! YOU are on your way, and will do fine! Blessings & Luck to You!

      • Thank you! I’m just trying to find the balance between my fulltime job, freelance writing, my own projects and my family… It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be!

      • You are a super-star and you can do it, just have more bagel bites for energy, and don’t forget the chocolate! Plenty of chocolate!

      • Chocolate was God’s Gift to Women!

        So, when any man “thinks” that he is, boy, is he ever way off!

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