Big Fat Pregnancy Belly Casts

Big Fat Pregnancy Belly Casts

Really?!  I just want to know WHY.  Why is this appealing?  First of all, sitting around having someone place wet plaster strips on my stomach doesn’t sound like a great time.  (Might be alright with the right drinks, but unfortunately being pregnant does not allow for such activiites.)  It sounds wet, slimy and cold.  Not fun.

Second, what the hell are you going to do with a plaster cast of your pregnant stomach?  Is that something you really want hanging on your wall for all of posterity?  

And third, why in the world would I want to remember how incredibly HUGE I am right now?  How about after I get back in shape post-baby we’ll do a belly cast.  Get a nice ab-cast going on.  That’s something I’ll want to remember forever!  

Who am I kidding?  I’m a lot more likely to drink a few glasses of wine and make a plaster cast of my ass than actually have the abs to make a decent ab-cast.

2 thoughts on “Big Fat Pregnancy Belly Casts

  1. I guarantee that there are tons of guys who would consider you as sexy as can be, right now! Trust me, they’re out there!

    • Lol, well, my boyfriend (psuedo-fiancee) is always telling me that I’m incredibly sexy pregnant, but I think he has to tell me that! Thank you for the confidence booster though! 🙂

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