15 Minute Writing Exercise 3: One Day at a Time

Inside the tunnel (Meise 1)

Inside the tunnel (Meise 1) (Photo credit: MedEvac71)

I knew I’d never been here before, but it just looked so familiar.  Like I had been here in a different life… but that would have been impossible.  I reached up and touched the bumpy texture of the gray rock wall.  I could see the pile of ashes where a fire had once burned and some straw in the corner that someone had once used as a makeshift cot.

For some reason, the cool dampness of the cave calmed me and calm was not a feeling I had felt in a very long time.  At first, I had thought all of the running I was doing was fun,  an adventure if you will…. but now, after ten years, it was just exhausting.  Some days I felt like just giving up.  Sticking to one place and taking the risk of being found.  Was anybody even still looking for me?  It had been so long since I had any human contact, I had honestly completely lost all sense of time.

The sound of rocks crunching under someone’s shoes shook my from my haze.  I looked around for somewhere to hide, but I was stuck.  How had I let myself get into a situation like this?  I was no newbie.  I knew the rules, always know your exits, don’t get stuck in a place without cover and always be prepared to fight.

I looked in the direction of the sound, but the tunnel from which I had come was pitch black. Whoever was in there must know this cave pretty well to not need a light.  I got into a fighting stance, prepared to do whatever I had to do.  I knew that there was a much better chance of this visitor having malicious intent than being a happy jovial old chap.

As the threat came closer, I prepared to attack.  I reached down and pulled the blade out of the leather sheath I had strapped to my upper thigh.  Because of the blanket of shadows, he still hadn’t seen me.  When he was close enough, I pounced, taking him off guard and knocking him to the cool hard ground.  With a muffled “mmmph” we both hit the stone, with my knife to his neck I hissed “Don’t make a move” into his ear.  I was surprised when he didn’t make any attempt to struggle, most of the individuals I had encountered would have at least put forth some effort.  I was actually kind of disappointed, with adrenaline pumping through my veins, I had been looking forward to a fight.

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