Book Review: The Sunday Arrangement

Lesbians, bondage, anal…. Oh my!

sunday arrangment
The Sunday Arrangement is a tasteful smorgasbord of sexual fantasy in which readers watch Lauren, the main character; grow from a needy and insecure girl into an independent sexual woman. In the beginning of the book, Lauren isn’t the most likable protagonist. She is constantly worrying about what everyone else thinks of her, and frankly, it is a little annoying. As she evolves throughout the story, her character grows increasingly relatable. Pierce, Lauren’s love interest, gives readers something to daydream about long after the novel’s conclusion. The descriptions of his body and sexual prowess are simply titillating. I still get goose bumps just thinking about the scenes with his character! The characters and scenes in this book give 50 Shades of Gray a run for its money; just make sure to schedule a little “alone time” to properly enjoy this erotic novel…

Take some time away from real life to enjoy this journey towards sexual awakening. Lucy Smith’s Sensual play by play of erotic thrills have readers experiencing each scene along with the characters. Although the ending doesn’t seem to reach much of a logical conclusion, I am anxiously anticipating the next installment on this exotic thrill ride!


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