Confession 1: Lucky Charms

A box of Lucky Charms from 2011

A box of Lucky Charms from 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I just ate 3.5 bowls of Lucky Charms.

Well, the box was almost empty, I couldn’t put it back on the shelf like that now could I?

So, three and a half bowls of Lucky Charms later, here I am, updating for the SECOND time this week.  It might just be all of the sugar I just ingested, but I’m feeling pretty good about my day so far.  I woke up at 3 AM, packed Jeff’s lunch then tried to go back to bed.  I promised myself that I would get up if I still wasn’t asleep by 5 AM and I ACTUALLY DID!  Although I did spend from about 4-5 AM playing on my phone….  I probably would have gotten more accomplished if I’d gotten up at 4.  Anyway, I got up and worked out, then showered, fed the baby, pumped, got Brady off to school, put laundry in, washed dishes, started dinner in the crock pot and then fed the baby again.  Oh yeah, somewhere in there I killed a giant man-eating spider on the front porch…

But that brings me back to right now, slightly ill from way too much sugary cereal.  Pretty sure I completely negated my workout this morning, but well worth it. I’m hoping the baby gives me enough time to get some writing done today!

So, I’m stealing the idea of Confession Thursday.

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