Tattered Love Blog Tour by Author Lola Stark

Tattered Love Blog Tour 1
I looked at him through my peripheral vision and took a slow drink, licking my lips with exaggeration. His eyes grew darker and hooded with desire. I decided it was time to up the ante. Just as he took in a mouthful of his own drink, I reached under the table and ran my manicured red-tipped fingers up the inside of his leg. A whisper soft touch starting from above his knee, up further and further, only stopping millimeters from his jean-clad cock. He went rigid with surprise. A little too surprised. He choked on his beer, coughing and sputtering, causing all four heads to pop up and stare at the intentional scene I’d caused. Trying to hide my victory grin, Trip looked over at me with a knowing smile, tipping the corners of his lips briefly, only to look down at his food quickly. Milla immediately asked, “You okay, Mace?” I gave him a small pat on the back telling him as sincerely as I could muster, “You probably be more careful there.” It earned me a delicious scowl that made his face look sexy, regardless of the incredulous expression he shot my way. I quickly changed the subject and struck up a conversation with Haven, though I didn’t miss the smile he tried hiding behind his fork full of food.

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Check back for a full review of Tattered Love by Lola Stark!

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