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I recently read both How to Catch Butterflies Books 1 and 2 one right after another.  I figured I should probably read book one before trying to review book two, and I was right.  Definitely do not try to read book two without reading book one, you will end up confused as hell!  Even with reading one right after another, I had a bit of trouble keeping the characters straight.

Although there were a lot of characters, and some rather irrelevant, Samantha did a really good job making the them come to life.  I felt like I really knew Rebecca, Lucy and the many gentlemen in their romantic encounters.

The erotic scenes in the novel were very descriptive and definitely inspired a few romps in the sheets with the hubby!  Samantha did an excellent job describing EXACTLY what was happening when her characters “got busy”.  I found myself taking notes for the next time I have to write an erotic scene!

ImageI read both books and I’m not really sure why they aren’t just one big book.  Book one ends in the middle of a fight between Rebecca and Jackson… it seems like kind of a strange place to leave off.  And since the second book wouldn’t survive as a stand alone novel, it seems like it would have made the most sense to have combined the two.  Just my opinion.

Although book one was good, book two was much better.  The drama in book two seemed like it was crafted better than in book one.  Also, the writing seemed to flow a bit better in the second book.  One thing I noticed in both books was the terrible editing.  I’m not sure if the copies I received were final versions or not, but they both had a shit-ton of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.  Even though these are self-published novels, I would think the goal is to still look professional.  I’m really hoping that they were just pre-edited versions… these errors played a big part in my rating.  If they were the edited versions: Samantha, I’m available to take a look through your next book for a small fee!  The errors really took away from my reading experience.  They made me want to grab a red pen and start marking all over the place!

ImageAnother aspect of the book that carried over from the first book was the tendency for the characters to have some sort of good excuse for bad behavior.  Throughout the books, the men in the book would do something stupid and the girls would fly off the handle, but it always turned out that the men didn’t actually do anything wrong (well, at least until George).  It was okay a couple of times, but then it was just annoying after awhile.  Sometimes people make honest to goodness mistakes and couples have to work through them.  It’s okay to have your character do something hurtful and then work for forgiveness.

I was a little confused about the passage of time in both books.  It seemed like the timeline didn’t quite work out.  I don’t have any specific examples, but I was definitely confused.  I was also confused when Rebecca went to the camp for work.  It would have been beneficial to me if this would have been explained a little more while it was going on.  I couldn’t figure out why the Sargent kept saying “arse” and he was in the USA.  I thought maybe the author was just confused.  Of course later I found out that the Sargent was from London… but then even later it was mentioned that he was Scottish?  Or maybe Irish?  Either way… do they say “arse” in Scotland or Ireland?  I don’t really know.

ImageI also didn’t like that the narrator randomly jumped in at one point in the novel and started talking about Morgan Freeman.  It interrupted the feeling that I was somehow in the story and rudely brought me back to reality.  Plus, I totally didn’t have Morgan Freeman in my head.  My narrator voice was the gentleman who narrates the Thomas the Choo Choo train show on PBS… weird, I know.

Overall, the writing was descriptive and the story itself kept me interested.  I definitely recommend giving these books a try and I will be excitedly awaiting any new books that Miss Fontien writes in the future.


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