Learn-from-my-Mistakes Monday: Drinking Castor Oil to Induce Labor

A bottle of castor oil sitting on the window s...

A bottle of castor oil sitting on the window sill of the bathroom in the Keeper’s house at Split Rock Lighthouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows that the last month is the worst!  Most people get to the point where they are willing to do just about ANYTHING to get the baby out.  I was definitely like that with my first child – it seemed like I was going to be pregnant FOREVER!  I did a quick Google search on how to induce labor naturally and found that drinking Castor Oil was one of the tricks to start contractions.  The article I found said to mix the Castor Oil with orange juice and drink up.

I mixed up the concoction and took a big swig.  Totally gross!  My desire to get the baby out was greater than the reaction on my taste buds, so I gulped the rest down as quickly as possible.  Then I waited…

Unfortunately, the Castor Oil did not start my labor (although some moms swear by it), but it did give me massive stomach cramps and made it nearly impossible for me to leave the toilet.  Not a very comfortable place to be at 9+ months pregnant!  Most of the moms that I’ve heard it did work for were very, very uncomfortable during their labors.

I learned that you can’t be pregnant forever and each baby will come at his or her own pace.  Patience is the key – don’t worry, he/or she will come out eventually!


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