Learn-from-my-mistakes Monday: Wearing Jeans to an Amusement Park

Maverick at Cedar Point

Maverick at Cedar Point (Photo credit: craiglloyd)

When I was in Junior High, I went on a trip to our local amusement park with a friend and his father.  I was always self-conscious about how my legs looked (I thought they were short, chubby and super pale) so I refused to wear shorts.  Considering it was above 90 degrees that day, it wasn’t terribly intelligent of me to be wearing long jeans… but being fourteen years old hanging out with the guy I had a crush on must have prevented me from thinking clearly.  Stretch pants would have been a better idea, but those would have only taken care of two of the three problems I had with my legs, they still would have looked short and chubby.

Wearing long jeans in itself wouldn’t have been nearly as big of a problem if I hadn’t decided to try out the park’s water rides.  I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced walking around in the heat with soaking wet jeans for long periods of time, but I can tell you it is not a good idea!  The seams in the jeans turn into knives scraping against your skin, cutting into you every step you take.  Since your skin is already wet, layers are easily peeled off, leaving gaping open wounds between your legs.

The pain started hours before we were supposed to leave the park, but I was too embarrassed and stubborn to let my friend and his father know what was going on.  As the day progressed, I grew quieter and quieter, cursing myself for my stupidity and digging my nails into the palms of my hands to try to distract from the pain between my upper thighs…

When I finally got home and was able to assess the damage, I removed my pants to see silver dollar sized welts on the inside of each thigh.  The wounds were deep and there was blood staining the inside of my jeans.  I learned that day that vanity had a price!  From then on I vowed to suck it up and wear comfortable pants or shorts when participating in any kind of outside adventure that required a lot of walking!

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