Tattered Love: Needle’s Kiss #1 by Lola Stark Review

Tattered Love Blog Tour 1When I first started reading Tattered Love by Lola Stark, I was not impressed.  The writing was choppy, there were grammatical errors and I didn’t relate to the characters.  I even went as far as to email the organizer of the book tour and tell her I needed an excerpt because my review wasn’t going to be good… which it still isn’t that great, but it’s honestly better than I was originally going to give it!

In the beginning, every other thought the main character Scarlet has is about her panties being wet.  Yes, that is a good description for female sexual excitement, but there should probably be a limit on how many times an author uses this description in one book.  We get it.  Her panties were soaked.  It’s like a God-damn honest-to-goodness swamp in those bitches.

I also wasn’t fond of how they talked, but maybe that was because Lola is Australian?  Do Australian folk say “Yeah?” after everything they say?  The dialect didn’t flow very well in my opinion, but I guess that’s because I was picturing the whole thing here in the good ole’ USA.  I mean, I’m ‘Merican, so every little thing has to be catering to Americans… ’cause that’s just how we roll.

So, I thought the first third of the book was pretty much rubbish.  It could have benefited from a good deal more editing… and then a little more editing.  And maybe a touch more for good measure.  The middle portion of the book was a bit better… I was starting to get into the characters more and the plot was becoming clearer.  I still didn’t really like or relate to Scarlet very well, but Mace (the male lead) was sexy as hell!  Man, oh Man, he is my kind of sexual fantasy!  I also enjoyed reading about Teeny and Trip’s subplot, in fact, I think their story is what won me over in this series.

If you are in need of a quick fluff story and you’re feeling a tad randy, grab this book and give it a go.  I’m actually feeling motivated enough to hunt down the next book in the series and see what happens with Teeny and Trip… although I’m not willing to pay more than 1.99 to find out.



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