Learn-from-my-mistakes Monday: Spending Money Where You Work

DVD collection

DVD collection (Photo credit: nickstone333)

Most people would agree it’s a good thing to enjoy the products where you work, but sometimes you can enjoy them a little too much!  I’ve worked a couple of places where it was really, really hard not to immediately spend a big chunk of my paycheck at my work.  It didn’t help that employees got totally awesome discounts!

I worked at Hot Topic when I was in college and I eventually had to quit because of this issue.  It was so hard to walk around the store and not make a mental list of all the things I wanted to buy.  I seriously would spend half of my paycheck on stuff I really didn’t need.

I also worked at a video store and, although we had free rentals, I had a tendency to spend a lot of money on videos.  This was really silly, since I never really watched videos more than once.  Not only did I waste a ton of money, but I also cluttered up my apartment with DVDs collecting dust.

Now, I sell Avon.  It’s so hard not to order from the catalogs!  I generally justify it by telling myself that anything I order and wear is like free advertising… but I this way of thinking leads to me spending more than I make!

I’ve had to really discipline myself to stop buying the products I’m trying to sell.  The whole purpose of working is to make money and if I’m spending it all… well, that isn’t very helpful, is it?

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