Learn-from-my-mistakes Monday: Recommending someone for a job

Boss for Leader

Boss for Leader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One mistake I’ve made multiple times (I never seem to learn) is recommending someone for a job.  One time I recommended someone for a job particularly sticks out in my mind.  I was working at a little cafe in a small town and a friend of mine’s boyfriend really, really needed a job.  Now, I knew that recommending someone for a job wasn’t a good idea, but my boss actually already knew this person.  My friend’s boyfriend had worked at a coffee shop that my boss used to frequent, so I thought it was safe to assume that she had assessed his work style and personality.  I didn’t actually know my friend’s boyfriend all that well, but he seemed like a nice guy and my boss seemed to like him.  I warned her ahead of time that I really didn’t know him that well and I asked that his job performance not be reflected on me.  I was naive at that time and I thought saying that upfront would somehow actually stop that from happening…

So she hired the guy and everything was fine and dandy for about a month.  Then I lost my license and ended up needing rides to work.  This worked out really well, because the guy that I recommended for the job lived in the same town as me and could give me a ride.  One day, I was sitting in my apartment waiting for him to pick me up to go to work and he never showed up.  I called my boss to let her know what was happening and she informed me that he had been fired.  She said that he had been stealing from the restaurant and she had to let him go.  THEN she told ME not to bother coming in anymore!  WTH?!  What did I do?  Anyway, the point is, it’s not a good idea to recommend someone for a job, unless you are willing to risk losing it.


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