Book Review: The Imposter by Tiffany Carmouche


From sexy men to serial killers, this book is bound to keep your heart racing!

When I first started reading this novel, I wasn’t horribly impressed.  I thought the characters seemed unrealistic and a little annoying.  The writing seemed forced and I was thinking I was in for another sub par indie novel that I would have to force myself to get through… but about halfway through the book, something changed.  I started to really like Nicole and I was surprised to find that I was really concerned for her safety.   Yes, there were typos.  And yes, some of the plot was a bit far fetched,  but I was really starting to get into it.  Once she got going, the suspense snowballed to the point where I couldn’t help sneaking ahead in the book to see what happened next.  I was really, truly frightened!  I half expected to see a ax wielding rapist maniac every time I looked out my windows.  My advice:  Don’t read this book at night, not only did it scare me half to death, but I couldn’t put it down… and I had to work the next day.   I put it down once to go to sleep, but there was no way I could sleep with out finishing the damn thing.  THEN when I got to the very end, Carmouche ended the book with a cliffhanger.  I was dying to know what happened to Nicole and I was left with no choice but to purchase the next book in the series on my lunch break the next day!

Even though it seemed a little unrealistic that both of the girls’ love interests turned out to be filthy rich, I still enjoyed the romantic side of this novel.  Carmouche has a wonderful way of laying out love scenes so they are sensuous enough to get your juices flowing but not so raunchy that it’s a turn off.  Sometimes the boys’ behavior and speech don’t seem to quite work, but they are so delicious that it doesn’t even really matter.  I look forward to reading the rest of this series and I’m left wondering just how much of this story is based off of Carmouche’s real life…


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