Book Review: Obsession & Sacrifice by Tiffany Carmouche


I wasn’t nearly as impressed by Carmouche’s second book as I was by the first.  Since this was the second book in the saga, I expected it to be a bit more polished than the first one, but there were even more typos than in the first book!  I know that is more on the editor than on the writer, but seriously?  Was the book even edited?!

Typos and formatting aside, the plot in this book was just marginal.  The beginning dragged on while Nicole was in the hospital without a whole lot of action.  At one point, Steve stole Nicole and it seemed like something might happen… but then he just returned her when he couldn’t molest her comatose body in the middle of the hallway.   There was some stuff with Dylan’s ex-girlfriend trying to kill Nicole too, but that wasn’t that exciting either.  Finally, Nicole wakes up but she doesn’t remember anything or anyone.  This leads to even more boring hospital scenes and random visits from Steve without Nicole knowing who he is…

After Nicole finally gets out of the hospital, she goes back with Brad and Dylan to Brad’s house.  There she teases the hell out of both of them and then randomly runs away.  Nothing really exciting happens when she run’s away, but when she gets back Dylan’s all pissed off at her and turns into a huge douche-bag.  He does something while mad at her that I think is completely unforgivable and borderline abusive…  And yet, later in the book, Nicole forgives him like it was just some stupid misunderstanding. Some more stuff happens that isn’t terribly exciting and definitely not believable… then finally towards the end, they find Nicole’s family and it starts to get interesting.   I found myself sucked back into the book, but I wasn’t sucked in enough to be super excited about spending $2.99 on the next book this time… I’m not saying I won’t, I probably will eventually.  Or I’ll just borrow it from the Kindle lending library (if it’s available).

In my opinion, Carmouche could have skipped the whole beginning three quarters of this book and began the third book when the main characters were back with Nicole’s family.  I’m hoping that the third book is a lot better than the second one, but if it’s not, I probably won’t bother with the fourth.


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