iequalsAlissa’s Review Policy

Please keep in mind that my reviews are completely honest – even if I know you or if you have provided me with a free copy of your book.  My reviews can be kind of harsh, I know, but it’s only because I want my readers to know what is actually good and what isn’t.

What I review:

-Children’s Lit

– YA Fiction

– Romance/Paranormal

– Adult Romance (Erotica)

– Sci-Fi/Fantasy

– Some Action/Adventure

I will review non-fiction, but only if it is a topic that interests me.  I reserve the right to refuse to review any book.  I try to only schedule one review per week, since I’m busy with family and work.

5 Clouds = I loved it!  A great read!  I would pay $5+ to read this!


4 Clouds = I had some issues with this book, but they were minor.  I would pay $3-5 to read this.


3 Clouds = There were some major issues with this book, but it was still interesting.  I would pay $.99-1.99 to read this book.


2 Clouds = There were some major issues with this book that annoyed the crap out of me.  I would read it only if it was free.


1 Cloud = Don’t even bother if this book is free.  It’s awful.


0 Clouds = Pile of rubbish.  I would buy the print copy just so one less person has to suffer through it.


Besides reviews, I also participate in Cover Reveals, Book Blitzes and other promotions.  Please contact me and I will let you know if I can feature you on my blog.  I try to only schedule one event/promotional post per day.

I’m looking for contributors and guest reviewers!

Contact me if you are interested in reviews/promotional events/contributing:

(I am currently booked for reviews through the beginning of April, but I can do book tours, cover reveals, etc!)

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