Book Review! The Crescent by Jordan Deen

The Crescent

by Jordan Deen

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For a while I had been thinking maybe I had been too harsh with the reviews I’d done so far.  I mean, the majority of the books I have been reviewing have been self-published, so I shouldn’t have expected them to be as polished as the books produced through publishing companies, right?  And then I read The Crescent.  All of the Indie authors out there can thank Jordan Deen for raising the bar, at least where I am concerned.  It was very refreshing to read a quality self-published book (for once).


The storyline kept my interest since it wasn’t horribly predictable.  I liked that she was born into her situation instead of getting involved by some other means.  I thought it was a little weird that she grabbed a butcher knife and tried to kill the bushes… but I’ll go with it.  It was also a little strange that she went back outside even after she thought something was after her.  I can understand wanting to get away from her parents fighting, but she could have gone in her room or something.  Also, she explains that her dad is a drunk a few times in the book, but never mentions that he’s abusive until he actually hits her mother.  I would think that goes a bit beyond just being an alcoholic.


The three things I didn’t really like about this book:


1. It was too short.  I wanted more.


2. The cover is awful. When I first got a glimpse of the cover, I didn’t really look at it very well.  From that quick glance, I thought maybe this book was a historical romance.  It definitely didn’t look like a paranormal romance and it didn’t do anything to peak my interest.  I would have skipped right over this book if I would have seen it on a shopping site and that really is a shame, because I would have been missing out.  The pictures need to be less jumbled and the colors brighter.  It needs to stand out.  Maybe two eyes with crescent shapes in them popping out of the darkness?  I don’t know.  Something needs to be done to get the reader’s attention and get them to look inside.


3. Readers could have benefited from additional background information.  I know that Deen was trying to keep things mysterious, but I think that still could have been accomplished while providing the reader with a little more back story.

All in all a good read.



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One thought on “Book Review! The Crescent by Jordan Deen

  1. It’s important to be honest with reviews. I struggle when I read a genre that doesn’t interest me much and try to look at all the positives I can about the book. And bottom line, is the book written with a story that keeps you wanting to read? Thanks for the review.

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