Book Tour! Roanoke Vanishing by Auburn Seal


Vanishing, #1


A New Adult/Adult Historical Mystery

By Auburn Seal

 Released October 30, 2013

 Published by Keys Publishing House

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Roanoke Vanishing coverWhat if the only thing standing between you and certain death was the spirit of someone long dead?

Avery Lane, a plucky grad student, is determined to discover the fate of the colonists from sixteenth century Roanoke. Nearly one-hundred twenty souls vanished without a trace in August 1597 and their demise has remained a mystery to world’s historical experts.  Aided by a ghost from that time, Avery is certain that she is closer than ever to the truth, but soon discovers that some people will stop at nothing to keep the secret buried. Can Avery find the answers she seeks before it’s too late?

Author’s Take on Elinor Dare from ROANOKE VANISHING

By Auburn Seal

Elinor was such a dynamic character to explore. Because she is a historical character, I had some basic information to start with. Her name, for example, and her husband and father’s names.

It was a lot of fun to develop her further than what we find in the historical record. She has a sense of adventure that becomes greatly challenged in the novel. The experiences she has change her. As she loses family members and finds herself living in crisis mode, she matures and to some degree loses her youthful optimism.

We get to see Elinor in two different time periods- 1587 and modern-day. I enjoyed writing her character both before and after her experiences at Roanoke. Certainly the adventures and trials that she experiences on Roanoke Island shape her and we see a more mature version of her when she is interacting with Avery later. The trials that she finds leave the Elinor at the end of the book very different from the Elinor we meet in England before life knocks her down. Seeing her transformation, both in the historical timeline and as she interacts with Avery later was fascinating.

She isn’t nearly as stubborn as Avery, but she certainly develops a survival instinct that could be viewed as obstinate. She becomes passionate about family and doing the right thing, rather than her younger, more impulsive desires.

More time could have spent more time with Elinor, but since Avery is the protagonist she got more time on-stage.

author asAbout the Author

Auburn enjoys writing historical fiction and contemporary short stories, almost always with a paranormal twist giving the dead a prominent role in her writing. When she isn’t hanging out in cemeteries or doing genealogy, she enjoys her interaction with fellow authors in her various writing groups. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family.

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