[ #HarborCity ] To Love and to Loathe: Episode 2 – Mila

love and to loathe3

Not too far from the Diner…


Miley lifted her arm to smack the nightstand next to the bed in a desperate attempt to shut off the alarm that was sending a splintering headache through her skull.  When her hand never connected with anything, not even her nightstand, she cracked open one eye to figure out why.  She sat up quickly when she realized that she didn’t know where she was, but her body let her know what a terrible idea that was.  She looked around and her stomach dropped when she saw the half-naked man still sound asleep in the bed next to her.

How could he possibly sleep through that horrible sound?  Was he deaf?

She gingerly got out of bed, careful not to jolt her body too much.  She hadn’t had a hangover this bad since…

Miley started to shake her head to rid herself of the memory.  She immediately regretted the action, but the pain distracted her from the even more painful memories from her past.  Waking up somewhere besides her apartment wasn’t that unusual as of late, but not remembering how she got there, that was new.

She wasn’t a fan.


She was in her lacy black bra and underwear set – a cursory glance around the room didn’t immediately reveal the location of her other clothing items and the pain from opening her eyes and moving her head was enough to give up her search.  Fuck modesty.  She was too hungover to care.

She walked out into the hall and squinted at the white doors, trying to figure out which one might hold a bathroom.   She was hoping this guy had some advil or something a little stronger in his medicine cabinet that would help with this hangover.

Preferably something stronger…

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