[ #HarborCity ] To Love and to Loathe: Episode 3 – Gwen

love and to loathe3

Meanwhile, at the Ashford mansion…

Gwen Sullivan angrily punched the ‘keys’ on her smartphone, frustrated that it didn’t give her the same satisfaction that the old push buttons used to.  She couldn’t believe that Jake was going to stand her up for that little piece of trailer trash.  Maybe she was going about this all wrong – maybe she needed to show him in person what he was missing.

She walked over to the mirror near the front door and unbuttoned the buttons on her blouse so he would get a good view.  She added a little blush and some cherry lipgloss, grabbed her keys and headed to the diner.  He would either give in to her feminine charms or she would have to confess to little ole Riley Sue just how much fun they had been having together lately…

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