[ #HarborCity ] To Love and to Loathe: Episode 4 – Mila

love and to loathe3


She had to leave the bathroom sometime, but she really, really didn’t want to.


Miley heard people moving around outside the bathroom door, she had lost track of how long she had been hiding.  She really wished she would have thought to grab her phone before venturing down the hall, but there wasn’t a whole lot she could do at this point.  If she wanted to try to hold on to a shred of dignity she figured that she should probably make a run for the bedroom and try to find her clothes.

She put her ear up to the door to verify that none of the sounds seemed to be near the bathroom then wrapped a couple of towels around her body and prepared to sprint down the hall.

Once she was satisfied that nobody was near, she quietly turned the knob and opened the door.  As soon as the door was open far enough she was off towards the bedroom, but just as she reached for the door handle the door opened and she fell into a pair of muscular tan arms.




“Good morning to you too.  I had wondered where you went.” He chuckled as he helped her into a standing position.


Miley looked up into his blue eyes which were sparkling with the laughter he was attempting to hold back and for a moment she was lost.


“Ahem.  I would say ‘My eyes are up here’ but they seem to be what you’re staring at anyhow.  I, on the other hand, was totally staring at your breasts.  You look really hot in that bra… by the way.”


Miley looked down and realized that she had lost her coverups when she bumped into this infuriating, yet gorgeous man.  She wrapped her arms around her chest, embarrassed at her lack of clothing.  She could feel her face heat up, it never failed to betray her feelings.


“A gentleman would advert his eyes while I got my clothes on.”


“I may be a lot of things, but I am no gentleman.”


“Obviously. If you were, you wouldn’t have taken advantage of me in my drunken state.  Some people might call that rape, you know.”


He started laughing at her and her embarrassment turned to anger.


“Oh, you think we – you think you and I?”


“Don’t try to deny it, why else would I have woken up in only my underwear sleeping in your bed?!”


He was really laughing now and it was really pissing her off.  He must have seen the smoke coming out of her ears, because he stopped and put up his hands in his defense.


“I didn’t even TRY to sleep with you.  You were wasted at my party last night and kept shouting that you were rich and that you were going to go get everybody taco bell.  Then you threw up all over both of us.  Even after I took your clothes and threw them in the washer, you were still insisting that you were going to drive, so I took your keys and put you to bed up here to sleep it off.  After the party was over, I came back up here to sleep and decided that after cleaning up your vomit, sharing MY bed was the least you could do.”


Miley put her face in her hands, she was pretty sure she had never felt this stupid in her entire life.


She peaked out from between her fingers, “You didn’t even try?  Not even a little?”


“Not even a little… not that I don’t find you attractive.  I could try right now if you want me to.”  The gleam was back in those beautiful blue eyes.  He held out his hand to her, “Since you don’t seem to remember last night, I will re-introduce myself.  Jason Conley.”


Miley ignored his outstretched hand and pushed past him into the bedroom.  “Well, Jason, what I would like to do is to get my clothes so I can put them on, leave,  and then forget this whole thing ever happened.”


He saluted her and she noticed how his muscles bulged in his white tee-shirt.  Damn.  He really was hot.

Too bad she puked all over him and fucked everything up…

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