The Glass Ornament

Sarah’s hand felt like it had been stung by a handful of angry bees. Which, interestingly, matched the loud buzzing in her head. The buzzing noise started to fade and she could hear voices, but not enough that she could figure out what they were saying.  They sounded like the adults from the Charlie Brown … Continue reading

[#NewCover] Sunshine at Christmas, by

❀ღ✿•*¨` NEW COVER – Sunshine at Christmas – Krissy V ¨`*•✿ღ❀   Follow the Sunshine Girls as they go gallivanting on the Austrian mountains.As always, with these ladies, the fun starts at the airport … We follow them as they learn to ski and manoeuvre the slopes … Along with the local heartthrobs they have … Continue reading

[#Giveaway + #Excerpt] The Shield-Maiden’s Revenge, by Bibi Rizer @BibiRizer

[#Giveaway + #Excerpt] The Shield-Maiden’s Revenge, by Bibi Rizer @BibiRizer

Katla Grímsdóttir has lived with her Viking father’s anger and abuse for all of her eighteen years. And she has watched him mistreat the two people she loves most in the world – her twin sister Gull and their slave “milk brother” Freyvior – until her heart is nothing but fire and steel. When Gull is sold in marriage to one of their father’s brutish warlords, Katla turns that fire and steel into the strength of fury.

She can no longer deny that her love for her beautiful slave Freyvior has changed, nor can she resist her desire to be owned by him, body and soul. But while together they awaken a fierce storm of passion between them, they must also face a violent destiny as they set out to rescue Gull. And first, those who have betrayed and abused them will be made to face the young shield maiden’s long repressed wrath. Continue reading