Posted in June 2013

Sometimes I am Super Intelligent

Like when I eat a tray of Bagel Bites and drink two big glasses of orange juice.  I mean, I know I’m 8 months pregnant and just about anything that goes into my body gives me heartburn…. but do I take that into account when grabbing something to eat for supper at 10:30pm?  Of course … Continue reading

Big Fat Pregnancy Belly Casts

Big Fat Pregnancy Belly Casts Really?!  I just want to know WHY.  Why is this appealing?  First of all, sitting around having someone place wet plaster strips on my stomach doesn’t sound like a great time.  (Might be alright with the right drinks, but unfortunately being pregnant does not allow for such activiites.)  It sounds … Continue reading

Sam’s Club Adventure

Sam’s Club Adventure On our way home from celebrating our friend’s 36th birthday, we decided to stop at Sam’s club.  We pretty much ended up wandering aimlessly around the store until we looked around and realized that there weren’t any other customers… Apparently they close at 6pm on Sundays… We started quite the Sam’s wishlist! … Continue reading


The crib is finally up.  And it was one heck of a day!  I honestly feel like I can barely move at this point.  We cleaned out and then rearranged the bedroom so we could fit it in here…  It seems so much more real now that we’re going to have a crying, pooping, wiggly, … Continue reading